Monday, April 29, 2002

Conspiracy Therorist

I found this note in a subway station last fall. Warning: the writer appears to be clinically paranoid, makes many angry remarks towards Jews, and discusses child sexual abuse. Proceed at your own risk.
I've done my best to transcribe it, but have included links to larger images of the note in the interest of accuracy. I place parenthetical question marks besides words that I have particular trouble making out. Feel free to point out errors.


I'm trying to get to England - all morning passport places made it difficult - jew owned esp set me up. On phone it was a man from Trinidad - Said ID I had o.k. - when I got there he wasn't around but jew supervisor - jew owned was. I reacted to them denying my ID. - the women were going to help me get Birth Certificate - he wouldn't let them and how all passport places don't help get birth certificates - they know I'm homeless/no address. All My ID was stolen as I fought back against jew males practice of child sex. Freud was pressured not to speak of child sex epidemic he discovered anyone else was destroyed. I am fighting Jewish CIRCUMCISION. I believe it leads to increased sex pleasure. On way to jew setup passport place - hasid males were laughing and a hasid there. they are creepy. The setup was escalator up - Security in Guardian suit. Surrounding desk was Delta Airlines (my entire journey 2000 & 2001 Delta is on sinks incl. one psych ward I was put into after tellng jews I think black watergate security guard was murdered last year. After that I learned majority of jew republican ($$$) and makes money w/mafia. Hasid jew still awakens thanks god not born woman. I am trying to get to a country a woman heads. Jew has an ax to grind with England - they didn't ship the jews to Israel at its birth. Only some. England being Sabotoged - mad cow, bible, Diana? Madonna's wedding to a Scot and mafia/jew taking control. At Marriott Courtyard - dark hair catholic hr/m (h./m?) (with grey short hair woman). I used to send mom money - even after my injury in therapy w/ jew Rdona(?) Engels 1986. Mom is a ditz being aged(?) by jew O+ & males ordering her, and threatening her death. I have memories of sex abuse by her father (whistling) and his baby died at 6 months when he was babysitting. It wasn't infant death syndrome - it was sex abuse - Jews/Catholics trying to rile mom with whistling and threatening her. I am a supporter of Palestinians having their homes. Yitzak Rabin killed by Jews. Hillary Clinton has reason to worry in future. Jews using 2nd WTC bombing as if 1st w/me and extremely confidant since bombing. I was going to inquire at Empire State Bldg for birth crt. I don't trust these bomb scares

NYC 9/28/2001

Seinfeld was seeing much younger Shoshona remember a
jew filling this copy.
Jew word is crazy
surround me w/hispics
Greyhound owns Trailways, et al. Religious Right => my opponent. So is Florida

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